Fishy Fun That'll Have 'em Hooked

Happy kids get hooked on the good things in life. Going to the beach, camping, and fishing ’til dark. This fishing coloring book is for the anglers in your life, young and old. Full of great fishing drawings to keep them entertained when they aren’t out on the water.

Hooked: A Fishing Coloring Book got its name because anyone who is hooked on fishing will love it. The drawings show memorable moments every angler has on and off the water. Whether it's a fun day of catching non-stop, getting snagged (and first thinking it's a fish), or getting the skunk and laughing about it, we all have those days. 

The pages here bring them to life for kids to get creative with. And when we're not fishing, we're dreaming about it, so there's some of that in there too. 

All you need is a coloring kiddo with the energy to fill it all in. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know just the kid to do it!

This fishing coloring book is 5lbs of fun for children 5-12, and coloring book fans of all ages. It was created by an obsessed fisherman, for all anglers, but especially those young and young at heart. Great for days in the car, rainy days inside, or activity time in school.

Inside the book, you’re going to find all kinds of fishy pages:

  • Fishing on the brain
  • Just one more cast!
  • Double up!
  • Snagged!
  • Picky fishy
  • The dreaded skunk

...And so much more!

Makes a Great Gift for the Young Anglers in Your Life 

This fun-filled book will make the perfect present for any kid interested in Fishing, whether they're hooked on it yet or not. It’s a fun way to build interest in the hobby if they haven't been yet or are just getting started, too!

Stuff a stocking with it. Pack it in a tote bag as a treat. Take it along on your next trip with the grandkids. Grab one for yourself, to color along. 😉

Coloring is Fun: But It's More Than That

Ten Great Reasons Coloring Books are an Essential Part of Childhood

  1. They build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  2. They can help develop focus and patience in kids who complete tasks.
  3. They provide a good screen-free option for kids' entertainment.
  4. They help children build decision-making skills.
  5. Coloring books help children to follow directions in school.
  6. They can help improve handwriting.
  7. They build the foundation of math skills like geometry and proportion.
  8. Choosing colors and how they use them gives them a great form of expression.
  9. Finishing a coloring project boosts their self-esteem and builds confidence.
  10. They allow creativity to flourish

Can coloring help them get better at fishing?  You betcha.

As a child grows, the above benefits can reach far beyond coloring. And many of those skills come in handy for fishing, in a big way!

Strong Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine-Motor Skills Help With Everything From Knot-Tying to Reeling in Fish

  • Holding Crayons or pencils - Holding and moving the colors in sometimes tiny ways helps fine-tune the hand muscles and the brain for all sorts of activities that require dexterity. Knot-tying is a great example of this. Before long they'll be tying their own knots with ease. They might even get faster at it than dear old dad! The same dexterity is also useful in avoiding hooks with fingers, grabbing for tackle in a box or bag, and unhooking a fish!
  • Holding Crayons or pencils - Holding and moving the colors in sometimes tiny ways helps fine-tune the hand muscles and the brain for all sorts of activities that require dexterity. Knot-tying is a great example of this. Before long they'll be tying their own knots with ease. They might even get faster at it than dear old dad! The same dexterity is also useful in avoiding hooks with fingers, grabbing for tackle in a box or bag, and unhooking a fish!
  • Placing color in the ideal spot - The link between the brain and fine muscles of the hands is really tested - and expanded - by this activity, even if it takes them a while to get it down. You can see the progress and know they're growing! Soon they'll be placing baits under banks and hanging limbs with ease.

Coloring Makes Focusing Fun and Builds Patience - Which We All Know, Fishing Requires!

  • How often can kids sit still for hours on end while nothing happens, and maintain interest? 
    Focus is tough even for adults! Imagine being a kid these days, with all the options for attention. Coloring has a special way of pulling in attention. Focusing on and completing a task - like coloring a whole page - rewards the patience and focus that is also needed in fishing - especially when they aren't biting!
  • Finishing a task and seeing the result reinforces the habit. Just because we didn't catch any fish doesn't mean it was a bad day. A good day of fishing is better than a bad day, of...well, anything else! But kids have to learn that. Because coloring is fun and low pressure, kids are more likely to maintain focus all the way through. Then they get to see their art, and they feel good about it. This makes it easier to focus and be patient rather than becoming bored or distracted.

Alternative to Screens Saves The Eyes - A Valuable Tool in The Tackle Box

  • Gives an alternative to screens: Technology is great, and a pad or phone can provide a lot of fun. But, we don't want them to be dependent on them. Coloring gives them a fun alternative when they have to be inside. And a fishing coloring book keeps them thinking about being outside, where the real fun happens! 
  • Coloring books offer unique benefits for development and are much easier on the eyes. Growing eyes need a break from screens, so they can work well for a lifetime of adventure outside. Coloring books are much easier on the eyes.
  • Non-addictive: Pad games are fun, no doubt about that. But let's face it. They're addictive, even the learning-centered ones. Moderation is the key - get the brain active with other non-digital activities to maintain balance and calm - both things that pay off as an angler.

How else can coloring help as they grow?  Although we don't like to admit it, there is more to life than fishing. All of these skills come in handy in school, sports, and later in adolescence and adulthood.

Coordination and Fine Motor Skills Help Kids Excel at Sports, Music, And Future Life Skills

  • Plucking a guitar string or playing a piano
  • Using a precision tool or surgical instrument
  • Driving a car - But not until they're 30 if I can help it! 😂

Focusing and Patience

  • Schoolwork, homework, and later, job tasks
  • Paying attention to a boss or teacher
  • Behaving like civilized people even when nothing exciting is happening 😂   

Decision Making and Responsibility

  • Choosing a color and seeing the result helps them associates consequences with their actions

Most Importantly...It's Fun

But the most important reason that kids should have coloring books is that they’re fun! That’s the main motivator for young people, and it’s probably the most important part of being a kid. If you can’t have fun when you’re young, it’s really hard to learn it as you grow up.

The Big Texas Coloring Book is 47 pages of fun waiting to happen. 


For Ages 4-12, and All Those Young at Heart Fish Lovers

Careful though, just like the title says, you'll be hooked.

  1. 1
    Days of entertainment: 27 unique Fishing drawings. The drawings are light-hearted and funny, not too serious, so kids love them.
  2. 2
    Send each drawing as a letter: Backs of pages include a light-grey design that doesn't show through, with To: and From: spaces, and lines for folding
  3. 3
    Smile, laugh, tell stories: whether you've been snagged, gotten skunked, doubled up, or caught your personal best, you'll relate to these drawings as soon as you turn the cover.

What People Are Saying About it

“ Grandson loves it”

"Bought for my grandson. He loves everything fishing.

Dave C., USA
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Great fun"

“Made an old grumpy fisherman chuckle!"

Hanna Casey, UK
- Amazon Customer
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“ Exceptionally creative! Great Illustrations!”

“Great pictures to color. Extra nice quality paper. Can send each page as a letter! One-sided sheets with To and From on the back. I have ordered before and am very pleased with the quality of this item."

- Amazon Customer

Available on Amazon, at a Special Launch Price!

That's one catchy coloring book. Full of drawings that are going to look great colored-in and hanging on your refrigerator or pegboard.

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Daniel Larsen

Creator of Big Texas Coloring Book

The Story Behind the Book

Daniel loved fishing since he was just three years old. All his life, he’d either been fishing - or wishing he was fishing.

Sadly, school, chores, and later in life work and other responsibilities often got in the way of fishing.

So, he’s spent a lot of time dreaming (or daydreaming) about fishing. Sometimes he would doodle little fishing drawings into his work notes, because fishing was always on his mind.

In 2018, he made some of those doodles into drawings, and then he made them digital. he put them into a Fishing Emoji App for iOS. People seemed to really like using those, and the app took off (he has since discontinued the app due to issues with Apple).

Seeing people enjoy those gave him the idea to put them into a coloring book. So he redrew them in a way that they could be colored in. He made several new drawings, and put them all together in Hooked: A Fishing Coloring Book

Now, anglers young and old, all over the world, are coloring these fun fishing drawings.

The Pros

  • Days of entertainment for the young'ns.
  • Colorful fishing drawings making grandparents smile when they open a letter.
  • Build eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills.
  • Build habits of focusing and completing a task
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Prepares kids for school and contributes to better handwriting

The Cons

  • Silent children making the occasional happy sound.
  • Cool Fishing drawings to hang on the refrigerator.
  • Putting those ol' crayons to use.
  • Wait, these aren't cons. I guess there aren't really any cons to the coloring book.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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